AG Vision

Tough reliable vision systems can assist in many uses around the farm, such as heavy use farm equipment, railroad maintenance, factory, logging industry, and heavy excavation equipment. Cameras can help in the area of neck strain, less stress, and better productivity for you and employees.

Safety is another key issue; just think of one mishap of backing up into something or someone causing personal injury or even death, plus equipment damage to you or someone else. It doesn’t take long to add up cost savings of potential threats or insurance claims and downtime of equipment.

Jansen Electronics has a full line of Ag based heavy-duty cameras and pro monitors and offer many advantages over other systems available. Established in 1964 we are a veteran in the electronics industry of design, manufacturing, distribution, and service.  We offer one on one assistance in finding the Vision System that will work for you.  You always deal directly with our knowledgeable staff - never a 3rd party.  If you have questions about your new ag cameras or pro monitors feel free to call and ask!  We are here for you after the sale too!

For more information regarding the advantages of our NUPIXX vision systems, feel free to call the office and find out which system will best fit your needs.  815.232.3093

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