Perimeter Detection Systems

Jansen Electronics has designed and developed unique alarm systems for your home or business.  Audible notifications are important, we strive to offer a reliable system that will give you notification sooner rather than later.

Perimeter Detection is becoming more and more popular.  Getting an audible notification that your property has been entered as someone comes onto the property vs. when they are closer to your home or business is essential for being prepared.  Xtralert Perimeter systems are the most cost effective early warning system available.  Having the opportunity to go to the window to check or even looking at your wireless camera system to see who is coming up the driveway gives you valuable time. 

Do you have several different entrances to your large farm or business?  Each of our Perimeter Detection Systems can be customer specific when coded, so that each sensor offers a unique tone, so you know which area was entered.  Perhaps the main driveway will offer a "ding dong" / doorbell chime, while the back entrance will sound with a buzzer. 

As always, if you have a question we are here for you!  We can help you choose the right system based on your needs not on the high pressure of selling more than is required for your home protection.

The pictures below are an example of the Solar Powered Perimeter System


perimeter-4.jpg  solar-driveway-good-pic.jpg 

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