Nupixx Barn Camera System

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Product Overview

Our Barn Camera System features a wireless camera!  No need for power at the location of the camera, you can put this camera where you need it, to check on what you want.  The audio and night vision on the camera is great - no more late night trips to the barn to check on the animals.  Using the existing internet at your home we pre-configure a pair of wireless antennas to supply the barn with internet so you can view the camera from your smartphone or tablet.  Everything you need is supplied and pre-configured.  Mount one of the antennas on your home, mount the other antenna (line of sight) on your barn, connect to the internet and plug in the Nupixx Barn Camera System, that's it!  You are ready to drop in on your farm animals and look at the live action!

Included in the system is: 2 Wireless Antennas - One antenna placed at your house (where internet/router is located) and the other placed at the barn (where we need internet). 

50 ft. Cat5e Cable to go from your router to the wireless antenna (House) and 50 Ft. Cat5e Cable to go from from the wireless antenna to the Camera Hub (Barn)

1 Camera Hub - Located in the barn. (Must have power/outlet).  Camera Hub must be placed in a clean dry environment near the antenna.  Camera Hub provides internet from the antenna to the Wireless Camera.

1 Wireless Camera - Place the camera anywhere within range of the Camera Hub (200 ft.) to check on your animals.  Additional Wireless Cameras are available at additional cost.

Mounts, screws, power adapters and camera charger are included.

Self-Installation of the Wireless Antenna is required and home network information is needed to pre-configure your antennas.

  Longer Cat5e lengths are available at additional cost.

Camera system is pre-configured to each customers specific needs.  Barn Camera System app training (at our location or over the phone) is included at no additional cost.

Due to the custom features of this system it is not available for same day shipping.

**Note - Must have internet service with at least 1mbps speed.  Must have smartphone or tablet for viewing.  Must have a clean, dry place in the barn to locate and plug in the Camera Hub.**  If you have any questions about what may be required to operate the Nupixx Barn Camera System, please give our friendly and knowledgeable staff a call to discuss in detail.  Call today to get your Barn Camera System ordered!


Warranty Information

1 Year Warranty

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