Nupixx Digital Wireless Ag Vision System

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Product Overview

Introducing the BETTER choice for Wireless Ag Vision!

Nupixx Digital Wireless is here!

Tired of intermittent analog wireless signal?  Worried that you won't be able to see what you need to view at a critical time?

Frustrated when the signal won't reach from the analog wireless camera to the analog wireless monitor?  Irritated at the lines that are always present on your analog wireless monitor?

With the older analog systems, the maximum distance between camera and monitor is 40 ft. With the NEW Digital Wireless system reaching 300 ft. between the camera and monitor is NO PROBLEM!

Digital Wireless is available as a 1 or 2 camera system.  With a 2 camera system both cameras are viewable as a Split Screen or Single Screen option.

Monitor is avalable in a 9 Inch display.

To purchase an extra wireless camera, click HERE.


**Mirror Imaging on the monitor or the built-in magnetic plug on the back of the camera

**On Screen Brightness, Contrast and Color Adjustments

**Weather Resistant Housing

**120 degree Field of View

**Back Up Assist Markers on Monitor for camera 1

**2.4 GHz

**Optional lead antenna to maximize range if needed (NOT INCLUDED)

**Manual or Auto Channel Scans (This option is for the 2 camera system only)

This system includes a 9 Inch Digital Wireless Monitor, 1 Digital Wireless Camera, and all power adapters.

Check out this video of Analog Wireless vs. Digital Wireless - There is no question which one is the "clear" winner!

**(Video plays BEST in Internet Explorer or FireFox - It will appear shaky and jittery while playing in Chrome)**


Warranty Information

1 Year Warranty

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