Nupixx Eco U Camera

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Nupixx Eco U Camera

Our Newest Eco U - What an upgrade!!  Better resolution than the older style Eco U - at the same price!!

Our Eco U Camera provides a great entry level vision system.  Our Eco U camera offers a 1 year warranty, free from manufacturer's defects.  This unit features a standard quality image sensor and is NON REPAIRABLE.  The connectors used for the Eco U Camera are the spinning metal ring connectors. These connectors are designed to withstand fair amounts of weather, however they are subject to corrosion over time.

Resolution: 600 TVL   Image Sensor: Sharp CCD 1/3"     Mount Style:  U Bracket     Magnet Mount:  Optional 80 Lb. Direct Pull Magent Kit ($39.95)     Lens: 3.6mm     Custom Lenses:  Not Available     Housing:  Weatherproof/Weather Resistant     Connector Type:  Spinning Metal Ring     IR: Included    Repairable:  NO     Warranty:  12 Months 

Warranty Information

1 Year Warranty

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