Nupixx Mini Bullet Camera

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Nupixx Mini Bullet Camera

The Mini Bullet Camera is perfect for those hard to reach places that require an extra set of eyes.  We have the solution!  This little camera has endless mounting possibilities since it's so small.  But, don't let the size fool you!  The Nupixx Mini Bullet offers a clear image and can be used with all of our monitors, no special cables required.

Mini Bullet Camera is shown with OPTIONAL Magnet Mount.  Stem Mount is included or can be removed for flush mounting.

The first image is from the "Standard Black Rectangle Camera" that everyone sells.  Notice the lighting from the sun, this image was taken looking directly into the sun, this is a common problem with some cameras.  Check out the Mini Bullet in action!  You can certainly see the difference in quality.

 Resolution: 480 TVL    Image Sensor:  CMOS HD Color    Mount Style: Bracket (removeable)    Magnet Mount: Optional (as shown in pictures)    Lens: 2.8 mm    Housing: Water Resistant    Connector Type: Spinning Metal Ring    Repairable: No    Warranty: 1 Year 

Warranty Information

1 Year Warranty

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