Nupixx Pro B HD Camera

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Product Overview

Nupixx Pro HD B Camera

High Definition is here and nothing compares to the "B".

The "B" has a superior image sensor that allows for crisp clear High Definiton images.

The Pro HD B camera can only be used with our Nupixx Pro HD Monitors. (Available in 10 Inch Displays)

Great HD quality, even in low light or no light situations.


The "B" is our # 1 selling HD camera and after you see it, you'll agree nothing beats the "B"!


Resolution: 1080p   Image Sensor:  Sony   Mount Style:  U Bracket   Magnet Mount:  Optional - 80 Lb. Direct Pull Magent Kit ($39.95)   Lens: 3.6mm  Custom Lens:  Not Available   Housing:  Weatherproof / Weather Resistant   Connector Type:  Spinning Metal Ring   IR: Included   Repairable:  Yes   Warranty:  2 Years

Warranty Information

2 Year Warranty

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