Xtralert 50 Watt LED Flood Light

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Product Overview

Xtralert 50 Watt LED Flood Light


*  High Brightness  *  1 LED  *  Long Life Span  *  Energy Efficient  *  Waterproof

*  Low Power Consumption  *  No UV or IR Radiation  *  AC up to 265 Volt Power

*  Aluminum Alloy Die Cast Steel  *  50 Watt - 4800 Lumens  *  6000K Bright White Color

*  Equivalent to 250 Watt  *  120 Degree Flood

NEW Reflective Board offers high light output!

The Xtralert 50 Watt LED Flood Light adds an extra level of security to any home or business.

Additional lighting is a great deterrent and is also essential to quality video recording with security surveillance systems.

LED Lights are energy efficient and result in significantly lower energy usage! LED Lighting also has a longer life span than conventional lighting. A standard LED Light outlives regular lighting by 5 years!

LED Lights can last for up to 7 years under normal usage saving time and money!

Warranty Information

1 Year Warranty

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