Xtralert Motion Activated Solar Powered LED Security Light

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Xtralert Motion Activated Solar Powered LED Security Light

Don't be out in the dark!  The Xtralert Motion Activated Security Light will automatically turn on at night when motion is detected.  Lights are a great deterrent and security benefit.  You no longer have to walk up to a dark area, these security lights work EVERYWHERE!  Great for homes, businesses, farms, outbuildings...anywhere!  The solar panel can be mounted up to 15 feet from the security light to make sure maximum sun exposure is achieved.  The panel can be adjusted to any angle to make sure you get the most sun exposure.

During the day the solar panel of the security light stores the sunlight and converts its stored energy to power the super bright white LED Light.

With 60 super bright LED's (850 lumens) this light will be sure to illuminate any place that needs extra lighting!  The LED Security Light has an illumination area of about 50 ft. long and 30 ft. wide. 

No wires to plug into outlets, no batteries to change, just customize your light to your personal prefrences and let the sunlight work for you.  These lights work great for places that don't have electricity available!  You are able to choose the amount of time your light will stay on once motion is detected.  Any amount of time from 8 seconds to 2 minutes is available.  You are also able to set the sensitivity of the motion sensor and what time of day the motion activated security light will come on (dusk to dawn lighting).

The motion sensor of the security light is adjustable and has a detection area of 180 degrees (horizontal) at a distance of 30 ft.

With a full charge the Solar Powered Motion Activated LED Light can illuminate for up to 30 minutes, that is the equivalent to 60 times when the time setting is set to 30 seconds.

Mounting hardware is included.

Warranty Information

6 Month Warranty

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