Xtralert Wireless Sensor

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Product Overview

Detects people walking or vehicles driving towards your home or business. Use it to monitor backyards, swimming pools, multiple driveways or unauthorized areas. Requires no wiring for simple installation. Weatherproof outdoor sensor. 1200-1800 ft. avg range (2000 ft. under ideal conditions).

Must have a 1000V or 2000V Receiver to order this sensor.  To order the complete System click HERE.

Exclusive Advantages:

  • User adjustable narrow long range beam (60 ft) or wider short range fan beam (20 ft).
  • Pivoting swivel eye allows for easy adjusting of proper detection area.
  • Receiver is either desktop or wall mount selectable.
  • Adjustable volume of pleasant chime with three types of tones.
  • Reliable 418 MHZ frequency.
  • Trigger indicator light for each zone violation.
  • Adjustable relay output of 1-5-30 or 60 seconds for accessories normally open or normally closed.
  • Up to 12 outdoor sensors can be used with different tones and indicator light for each sensor.
  • 2-3 year battery life with standard 9 volt battery.
  • You can also combine this system with our 500 Ft. Probe or Magnetic Door Contact.
  • 2 year product warranty.

*****New / Replacement Sensors are a one piece sensor.****** Older style sensors were sold with a black mounting bracket which is no longer offered.   There is no need for multiple pieces due to the updated design.  Each sensor has "pop outs" in the base for easy mounting!  Your new sensor can be used with your original black mounting bracket if desired.*****

Warranty Information

2 Year Warranty

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