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Xtralert Solar Powered Sensor

This accessory to the Solar Powered Perimeter System is a special order item, it may not be available for immediate shipping

Additional sensors for the Motion Activated Solar Powered Perimeter System.  Add another set of sensors to the receiver at anytime, have one set of sensors at the end of your driveway and an additional set closer to your home so you know exactly when visitors arrive.  Each set of sensor can be given a different chime (zone) so you are able to tell the sensors apart.  Up to 32 sensor pairs can be added to each zone for the ultimate perimeter detection system.

Never worry about changing batteries in these sensors, with the Xtralert Motion Activated Solar Powered Sensor, dead batteries are a thing of the past.  Upon arrival of your sensors place in direct sunlight for a day to get a full charge, test system inside, and you are ready to install.

With Xtralerts three beam technology be confident when your sensors are triggered.  These sensors need a positive break through all three beams to trigger an alert.  No more false alarms caused by shadows from the sun, wind, or small animals.  Beams must be broken for 1 second to be a true trigger.  Pet immunity sensing allows for your pets to go through the beam without triggering an alarm, animals weighing under 100 lbs will not trigger the system, no late night critters setting off your Solar Powered Perimeter System!

Mounting brackets and screws are included with your order.

These Solar Powered Perimeter Sensors are an add on or replacement.  To order the entire system click HERE.

Warranty Information

1 Year Warranty

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