Solar Powered Wireless Strobe & Siren with Remotes

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Xtralert introduces the newest addition to our solar powered systems:

The Wireless Strobe & Siren!

The Wireless strobe and siren can be paired to any of the solar powered sensors in our line.  Perimeter or Driveway.

Pair it with one set of sensors or all pairs of sensors.

The flashing LED strobe light emits a bright light to warn the intruder they have been detected.

The siren has 2 tones: a wailing tone or a doorbell tone.

The Solar Powered Wireless Strobe and Siren comes with 2 remote controls, so the unit can be turned off and on when needed.

A great addition to the solar powered line!

This Solar Powered Strobe and Siren is an accessory to the Solar Powered Perimeter System, which can be purchased HERE.


Warranty Information

1 Year Warranty

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